Case Study : The Columbus Metropolitan Library

With Urchin, its Website is an Open Book

From its first telephone in 1888 and its first typewriter four years later (bought on the installment plan), Columbus Metropolitan Library's willingness to embrace new technology has helped it stay ahead of the curve. Its card catalog has been computerized since 1988, and visitors have had Internet access since 1997. Its original website,, was launched in March 1998. Know-it-Now, a 24/7 virtual reference service, began in 2004. Today, the redesigned site,, is an integral part of CML.

Web analytics have played a crucial role in the CML's online success.

Read about how CML uses Urchin (from Google) web analytics software to market the Library website, educate its staff as to what the library customers are doing and get statistics so they are accountable to the taxpayers who support the library.

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