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Download a Free Urchin Trial - Version 7.200

Urchin sunset plans have been announced and , the final Urchin 7.200 update is available for all customers.

This update includes the following changes:

AdWords Integration:
  • Added support for the latest version of AdWords API v201109. Significant changes include support for newly required Developer Token in report downloads. If you intend to use integration with AdWords CPC sources in 2012, you need to update Urchin 6.603 and previous versions of Urchin 7.x to 7.200.
Reporting Interface:
  • Added support for Android devices in IT Reports, Browser\OS section
  • Fixed time formatting and data ratio issues when exporting Site Summary report data.
  • For Japanese localization, fixed customer reported issue with totals showing ‘NaN’ in ‘CPC vs Organic Conversion’ report. Also fixed several internal bugs with Shift- JIS to Unicode conversion.
  • For Italian localization, fixed customer reported issue with Advanced Segments not working in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with goals, when 10th step was not showing up in ‘Defined Funnel Navigation’ report.
  • Fixed customer reported issue with data not being correctly exported in all formats (text, xml, cvs) for ‘To-date Lifetime Value’ segment - Initial Navigation’ report.
  • Added Russian to the list of supported languages.
Apache Web Server:
  • Updated version of Apache Web Server to 2.2.21 for all platforms to improve product security.
Uconf2sql utility update:
  • Importing Urchin 5 profile configuration data in some cases would fail with ‘segmentation fault’ error. This issue has been fixed.
Please email support@friedrichsoftware.com for additional information.

Download a Free Urchin Trial - Version 6

Urchin 6.603: The download is the full version. The downloadable file is the full version of the product and is to be installed in trial mode, limited to 5 profiles on 5 servers. That is, the demo and full version are the same. If you decide to purchase the product, you do not need to uninstall the demo, you merely need purchase a license code. The demo license is free, and expires after 30 days.

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