Analytics in a Box: Analytics Comparison

 Google AnalyticsGoogle UrchinUrchin Appliance / Analytics in a Box 
Data OwnershipNo data ownership – Hosted SolutionData wholly ownedData wholly owned
 Availability of Performance Data Not Available Not Available Available and can be integrated via customizable interface with current AIB reports
 Data Processing Tag based Tag and Log File based Tagless and based on session recreation via passively tapped traffic
ComplexityHuge. Need to create and maintain tags as well as monitoring site changesHuge. Need to create and maintain tags, manage log file server space, and monitor site changesMinimal. Tagless solution that automatically taps traffic and agnostic to site changes
Resource Management Expensive. Need to deploy resources / vendors for tagging and managing sites Expensive. Need to deploy resources / vendors for tagging, allocating server space, and managing sites Minimal. Appliance needs to be configured and deployed. No need to monitor tags or log files.
Other traffic dataNone collected. Only tag based data collectedNone collected. Only tag based or log file data only collected All data contained in tags, log files, and other information not obtained through tags such as post parameters, dynamic allocations etc. are collected
Data StorageNone. Need to rely on network capacityNone. Need to rely on network capacity120 GB storage in addition to enabling off board storage
HistoryOnly available from the point of change. Cannot reprocess dataLog files can be reprocessed anytime for historical purposesSession information can be recreated for historical purposes
Risks are posed because  data is sent to the cloud.
No Security Risk
 No Security Risk
Profiles 100 Profiles 1000 Profiles 1000 Profiles
Path/Clickstream Analysis Not possible Possible Possible
RoadmapLimited capabilities restricted to analytics reportsLimited capabilities restricted to analytics reportsRobust Roadmap that includes Urchin upgrades and other functionality such as BI integration, Multitenancy, Complete taglessness (sessionization) etc.


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