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Important google analytics notice

This may be an issue for early adopters of Google Analytics who have never updated the javascript on their site(s).

What's happening:

Google is retiring the server on 1 June, 2009. If your legacy Urchin installation references this server, it is important to make a change to the javascript file "__utm.js". This only affects Urchin 5.x, and only if you are logging hits to Google servers.


In 2004, when Urchin On Demand (UOD) was released, a feature was introduced which allowed administrators to log traffic to both the local Urchin server and the hosted Urchin service. This hosted service (UOD) was the predecessor to Google Analytics. This was designed to permit a seamless
transition to UOD while keeping a local copy of site traffic data. This method has since been superseded, but some old Urchin installations still reference this server.

What to do:

Check to see if your Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) file is referencing this old service. If it is, you must make a change to the javascript or replace it if you wish to continue logging traffic both locally and to the Google Analytics system.

To see if your current "__utm.js" tracking code sends traffic to this server, check the following lines. The change, if necessary in your case, is simple:

The following lines should be modified.

change this:

* var_ugifpath2="***<>*";
if (_udl.protocol=="https:") _ugifpath2="*** <>*"*;

to this:

*var_ugifpath2="***<>*"; if (_udl.protocol=="https:") _ugifpath2="***<>*";*

With these modifications, utm.js calls **<> service
instead of ** <> in remote mode for both *_userv=1* (remote logging only) and *_userv=2 *(remote and local logging).

This has been successfully tested with utm.js and latest available version of Urchin 5.7. This announcement does not apply to Urchin 6.x.

Please see this help article for more information and to download the __utm.js file (if you want to replace yours rather than modify it).


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