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Urchin Software from Google: Change List for Urchin 6.602

Language Support
The 6.602 release includes the ability to switch between all 10 languages Urchin supports.

Features Added
Here is a brief summary of the major features introduced in the Urchin 6.602 release.

External Authentication (LDAP)
  • SSL\TLS support: These protocols are now supported as well.
New Urchin "Home" Page
  • Urchin "Home" (aka, the Roll-up Report) has been modified to provide metrics for all the profiles that are visible to the logged-in user. User can choose between 3 views: Basic, Business and Admin.
One-Click Installer
  • Urchin installer now includes postgresql database server that can be installed during installation process. This eliminates the requirement of database server to be installed and configured prior to Urchin installation. User can still use existing database servers by disabling this option during installation.
GeoDB Optimized load
  • Now you can choose between full and lightweight version of GeoDB to minimize memory consumption during log processing. The lightweight GeoDB only provides metro information up to the country-level.
Updated Zip\UnZip utility
  • Updated Zip utility allows you to work with data archives > 2 Gb.
Sorting in Marketing Summary Dashboard
  • On Marketing Summary report, user can sort sources, keywords and campaigns by metrics & their deviations.
  • Remote log file downloading: A configurable parameter for remote log download timeout has been added in urchin.conf file.

Bug Fixes

Here is a brief summary of the major bug fixes introduced in the Urchin 6.6, Urchin 6.601 and Urchin 6.602 releases.

Log Processing
  • Incorrect treatment of the profile's local-time configuration during log processing was resulting in the reporting data being shifted by hours in the months. This was happening for the months when day light saving starts or ends for the selected profile's timezone. This has been fixed.
  • In Urchin 6.5 and prior versions, Organic Keyword Match parameter from Profile Data Parsing Options wasn't applied during log processing. This has been fixed.
  • A problem with multiple UNC log sources processing has been fixed.
  • Prior to Urchin 6.602 upgrading while on demo license could result in login/licensing issues. This issue has been fixed. Upgrading an instance of Urchin that is using a Demo license does not extend demo period.
  • The reporting data migration utility (convert-u5data) has been significantly improved and performance further optimized. In most of the cases, now it will take much less time to import 'large' reporting data.
  • During u5 to u6 reporting data migration, some data was not properly imported into urchin 6. This has been fixed.
  • The Urchin Embedded Help and various online Urchin Help Center articles have been updated.
  • A problem with processing of multiple UNC log sources has been fixed.

Important Usage Notes

  • Urchin 6.6xx does not support MySQL 4.x.x. Your existing MySQL instance must be upgraded to MySQL 5.03+ in order for Urchin 6.6 to function properly.
FreeBSD 5.x
  • FreeBSD 5.x platform has been deprecated.
Client-side Cookies
  • To facilitate enhanced interaction in the reporting interface, Urchin 6.6 uses client-side cookies. Proper viewing of reports requires that client-side cookies be enabled in the client browser.
Restricted usage under 'Demo' License
  • Urchin 6.6 introduces certain demo license restrictions. Profiles and log sources are limited to 5 each. There is no limit on filters, cpc sources, users, accounts or groups.

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