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Urchin to the Power of Seven:
Cleaner, Smoother, Faster, Stronger, Easier to Manage, Economical, Powerful

Urchin 7 is a giant leap forward for self-hosted web analytics software, and brings to the table an unprecedented mix of processing power and web analytics reporting depth.

Take a minute to look through these features to better understand the incredible feature set embodied by Urchin 7. You then can request a free trial and try it in demo mode for 30 days. If you like it, just buy a license, no need to reinstall anything.

  • True 64-bit power: take advantage of today's most powerful servers - with Urchin 7's 64-bit processing, giant logfiles are no problem and speed is staggering
  • 100% New UI: Google Analytics-inspired updates bring Urchin to the forefront of analytics software user-experience design
  • New AdWords Tag Manager: view and update your AdWords links to make analysis of your campaigns easy & fast
  • 1000 Domains: analyze up to 1000 domains with the standard Urchin 7 license - enough for a small hosting provider!
  • No Log Limits: analyze any number of log files, which means your 1000 sites and CDN are not a problem!
  • Event Tracking: track and analyze arbitrary events on your site, such as button clicks or other non-pageview actions
  • Parallel Profile Processing: harness the power of your multiprocessor/high-performance server with Urchin's new parallel processing capability
  • Advanced Segmentation: identify & analyze the visitor groups who are truly valuable to your business
  • Tunable Geo/DNS Data Depth: strike the right balance between geographic & DNS data depth vs processing speed/memory consumption
  • Permalinks: now you can email links to specific reports, with specific settings, to anyone you choose
  • Regrouped Reports: more logical GA-like report grouping
  • Urchin Data API v2: extract arbitrary data from Urchin for analysis in 3rd-party applications, such as CRM
  • Custom Filter Order: re-order your filters to derive precisely the slice of data you need
  • Automatic Software Update: keep your Urchin installation up-to-date with our automatic updating utility
  • Refactored Embedded Help and Local Help Center: dramatically improved help text is dynamically updated for a much more relevant user experience
  • Improved Lookup Tables: Assign meaningful labels to your data to aid in analysis
  • New Site Summary Report: New dashboard-style report shows all top-level data in one glance - perfect for the CEO
Urchin 7 is available for download now and can be used in fully-enabled demo mode for up to 30 days. License keys may be purchased by clicking here. The retail price of Urchin 7 is USD $9995. Educational, government and non-profit licenses are available. Urchin 6 upgrade quotations are available to current Urchin customers by emailing or calling 713-465-8039.

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