Urchin Appliance: Features

Professional web analysis based on a server appliance

Web Analytics LogoThe Urchin Appliance is a server based web analytics system that can be quickly integrated and is easy to use. Urchin, the pre-installed web analytics softwarefrom Google, and the hardened OS support the appliance's task to provide web pages and web content as well as highly accurate analyses regarding the habits of your web site's visitors.

The log files generated by web sites running on the Urchin Appliance as well as external web server log files are analyzed and displayed in straightforward and comprehensive reports. With these reports, you will know:

  • where your visitors come from
  • how they use the web site
  • how visitors become customers
  • which pages are visited and which files are downloaded

If you are running your web site behind a firewall (i.e. in your corporate network or your intranet) the Urchin Appliance is the right choice.

Benefits of the Urchin Appliance

Urchin Appliance - Symbiosis and SynergySymbiosis and synergy
Urchin 5, the industry's leading web analytics software, is used by millions of web sites worldwide. The straightforward operability of Urchin has now been combined with an easy-to-use and hardened operating system containing web based GUI, web servers, and firewall in a single appliance. Web analyses software plus scalable hardware means a symbiosis and is therefore THE solution for businesses of all sizes.

Analyses made easy and cost-effective
Urchin Appliance - IT FriendlyThe Urchin Appliance analyzes traffic for one or multiple websites and provides accurate and easy-to-understand reports on your visitors - where they come from, how they use your site, what converts them into customers, and much more. The Urchin Appliance is essential for executives, marketers, webmasters, and web designers who want to maximize the marketing potential of their web sites.

No hidden costs: modular pricing, scalable hardware, unlimited appliance features (i.e. web server), and - last but not least - included one year of update service deliver an extremely high level of transparency to your TCO.


Urchin Appliance - GUIThe Urchin-tailored operating system, unlimited web servers, and backup function (to backup all web servers including all databases and Urchin data) offer IT staff the easiest administration and management tools. The Urchin Appliance can be implemented in multiple ways (i.e. router, DMZ, corporate network) and therefore tie the system together.

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