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The downloadable file is the full version of the product, and is to be installed in trial mode until you receive the serial key code via email. When you receive the serial key code, you do not need to uninstall the demo, you merely key in the number you receive. You will receive the serial key code quickly after purchase by return email.

Non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government entities may be eligible for discount pricing. FSR is a certified Texas HUB Vendor and listed on the federal government Central Contract Registration (CCR). Please phone 713.465.8039 or email us for a quote.

Urchin 5 Product Line

Base Module Tracking Software

Urchin 5 Base Model Tracking Software

Price: $895
This product provides accurate web site analytics that supply the executives, marketers, webmasters, and the web designers at your firm with the vital up-to-date information they need to make informed business decisions. Urchin 5 is the industry's leading web analytics software and it is used by millions of web sites worldwide. Urchin's ease of use and powerful data combined with its clear-cut and concise graphs help to make it number 1. With Urchin 5, you will have the best cost saving and money making tool as your disposal!

Additional 100 Profiles

Urchin 5 - 100 Additional Profiles
Price: $695
If you need to process log data for more than 100 Profiles with one Urchin base license, you will need the Urchin 100 Profile Pack Module. Generally there is one profile per each site since a profile is the set of rules governing the production of one set of Urchin reports, usually for one individual website.

Additional Load Balancing Module

Urchin 5 - Additional Load Balancing Module
Price: $695
If your website is load-balanced over more than one server, you will need Urchin's Load Balancing Module for each server involved beyond the first. The Load Balancing Module enables every Profile (up to 100) to process more than one log file.

Ecommerce Reporting Module

Urchin 5 - Ecommerce Reporting Module
Price: $695
With the Urchin E-commerce Module you get advanced shopping cart analysis on your e-commerce site. The Urchin E-commerce Module gives you thirteen additional reports. Now you can analyze transactions and revenue by product and by quantity, see revenue by referrals, search terms, and domains. You can even locate your buyers-by country, by state, or by city!


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